About the course

Teenage course developing the four key language skills and life skills in the 21st century classroom.

Go Beyond is a six-level course structured on detailed mapping to the CEFR and international exams, taking teenagers from A1+ to B2. The comprehensive syllabus covers the four skills and the systematic development of essential sub-skills. The age-appropriate life skills features give students transferable skills they can use beyond the classroom.

Go Beyond holds students’ attention with an informative and creative approach to topics, making language learning more meaningful and successful. Specially-produced videos bring the pages to life. Students are supported in assessing and consolidating their progress, as language is recycled and reviewed throughout the course.


Go Beyond Level 2 Student’s Book

Go Beyond focuses on developing strong linguistic skills as well as teaching the wider skills and strategies students need to improve as language learners. Go Beyond supports a comprehensive and practical sub-skills syllabus, equipping students with invaluable skills they can transfer to other areas of their education.


Go Beyond Life Skills

The inclusion of age-appropriate, 21st century life skills introduces a new dimension to language teaching. The life skills lessons help students not only develop academically, but also grow into self-aware, considerate, and confident individuals. A life skills lesson in every unit promotes planning and organization, critical thinking, problem-solving, social skills, or cultural awareness.

The regular use of multimedia materials and class and homework activities on the Resource Center ensures that the students are learning from a variety of sources. The language practice environment for students is extended into an Online Workbook which provides a wide range of interactive and engaging activities accessible on computers or mobile devices.