About the digital offering


Teachers can find a range of flexible, easy-to-use online tools perfect for all aspects of daily teaching. The multimedia components of Go Beyond offer a great opportunity to digitize lessons and present the material in different ways: varying the pace and dynamics in the classroom, making for more enjoyable and rewarding teaching. Students can benefit from a smart and flexible online learning environment available wherever they may be, giving them the freedom of learning anytime. Whether students work in class or at home they can access the course. This gives them a unique opportunity to participate in interactive learning, keeping them engaged and motivated.

Online Workbook

Go Beyond Online Workbook

Go Beyond Online Workbook

The Online Workbook is a digital version of the Go Beyond Workbook, providing students with a variety of interactive activities. It comes with embedded audio and video, which students can use on their personal devices. The Online Workbook instantly marks students’ work, providing immediate feedback to students and sending results to their teacher. This feature makes it easy both for students to have a clear picture of how well they are doing and teachers to see their students’ results and have up-to-date information on their progress.

Presentation Kit

Go Beyond Presentation Kit

Go Beyond Presentation Kit

This is the page-faithful interactive version of the Go Beyond Student’s Book designed for use as a presentation tool in the classroom. It includes embedded audio and video, interactive activities, a complete answer key, and pop-up “suggested answers” for open activities. The Presentation Kit is ideal for working with the Student’s Book material as a class in a visually attractive and captivating way.

Resource Center

The Go Beyond Resource Centers are online spaces loaded with additional resources to support Go Beyond course material. Different Resources Centers are available for teachers and students.

Student’s Resource Center

For students, the Resource Center provides a reference bank for media, vocabulary, and additional downloadable Go Beyond materials that extend and practice the main Student’s Book content.

Teacher’s Resource Center

The Teacher’s Resource Center provides teachers with extra worksheets and testing to support the course with a whole range of additional Go Beyond materials to be used in the classroom.